Etron Technology, Inc.

Etron Technology, Inc., a fabless IC design company, primarily develops DDR DRAM, SDR DRAM, Low Power SDRAM and System Chips. We assisted Etron to acquire Android platform consultations from National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences and technique supports such as USB3.0 Host Controller、Webcam Controller.

TM technology, Inc.

TM Technology, Inc. is a fabless IC company capable of manufacturing, designing, and marketing high performance IC memory, embedded memory, system logic integrated analog chips of applied optical communication transmitter and receiver modules. We not only assist TM Technology to recruit LED engineers but also help them to apply for government R&D subsidies.

Elan Microelectronics

Elan Microelectronics Corporation specializes in smart human-computer interface IC design and touch module solutions. The company has developed a R&D Center in South Taiwan IC Design Incubation Center in 2012. We assist Elan to recruit R&D engineers and introduce algorithm experts for them to develop products.

Technology Inc.

Quadlink’s core technology is to integrate highly sensitive analog / RF circuits and powerful digital logic circuits by using low-power CMOS technology.We assist Quadlink to recruit senior R&D engineers with more than 10 years related work experiences. We also help them to apply for government R&D subsidies.

Semiconductor Corp.

AnalogPlus specialized in integrated circuit design provides entire solutions of customized IC designing, packaging, testing as well as manufacturing process assessing. We help AnalogPlus match business opportunities with IC application users such as automobile manufacturers to develop sensor ICs for reversing radar.

Technology Corp.

ACARD Technology’s core products include integrated circuits, SCSI/IDE/SCSI-to-IDE/ SATA storage controllers, disk storage controllers, system and storage application software. We assist ACARD Technology to cooperate with Chinese and Korean companies. Moreover, we introduce professors in image processing software/hardware design and optical sensor field to ACARD Technology in order to help them overcome technological difficulties and facilitate product development.

Calex Tech Inc.

Calex Tech is a provider of analog circuit optimization and system integration solution. The company applies its excellent math and algorithm technology to develop high-end medical support and electronic commerce. We assist Calex Tech to obtain investment subsidy by Kaohsiung City Government and help them to connect with local medical institutions and companies in traditional industries which may use Calex Tech’s product applications.

Semiconductor Inc.

DAVICOM specialized in analog, digital mixed design, DSP IC, and system application technology has developed over 20 digital & analog products applied for 14 IPs. We facilitate industrial-academic communications between DAVICOM and Medical Device Innovation Center of National Cheng Kung University and help the company to acquire legal and technical supports for medical device development.

Technology Corp.

Feeling Technology Corp. involves in analog IC design, manufacturing, testing, and marketing. Feeling Technology has strong R&D capability to design fan motor control IC (Hall IC), power management IC, and MCU. We provide abundant academic resources for the company to help them obtain technical supports and cooperate with professors in National Sun Yat-sen University and National Dong Hwa University.

Semiconductor Inc.

Weltrend Semiconductor Inc., established in 1989, is a pioneer of designing mixed analog/digial ICs in Taiwan. Weltrend has developed embedded technology of MCU, flash memory, PLL, ADC, OP, DSP, PWN, and LCD driver. We introduce professor in National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology to be Weltrend’s dvisor to help the company solve technical difficulties and enhance R&D performances.

Silergy Corp.

Silergy Corp., founded in 2008, mainly involves in developing and marketing Power Management IC which can apply to industrial and 3C fields including LED Lighting, Tablet PC, Laptops, Solid State Disk, Server, Digital Set Top Box, TV, LED Backlight Module, Router and Mobile Power Bank. We assist Silergy to invest in Kaohsiung Software Technology Park and build Kaohsiung R&D center in 2014. We also help the company to seek for larger office space and introduce professors and talents in IC design field for them to enhance technological development.

MWG Inc.

MWG Corp. was established by a Taiwanese team who worked in Silicon Valley for years. MWG Corp provides long-term care platform system and peripheral devices which are operated by frontline nursing personnel in hospital and nursing institutions. MWG Corp. attained 2013 Taiwan-America Technology Investment Seminar held by us and saw promising market opportunities in Taiwan, so they decide to return to Taiwan and establish a company in Kaohsiung. We helped MWG Corp to arrange office furniture and deal with legal and accounting procedure for company establishment so as to reduce their administrative costs and efforts.

Anpec Electronics

ANPEC is specialized in power IC, mixed signal IC, and power discrete devices design. ANPEC's main product categories include Power Management IC, Audio Amplifier IC, LCD Controller/Driver IC, Hall Effect IC, Power MOSFET, Communication IC and Micro-controller application. 

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